Affiliate Program

Do you have a prominent following on social media that loves the beautiful game? Are you looking to use your following to make a little extra cash?

Look no further than the Mystery Footy Kits Affiliate Program! With our affiliate program, you will be able to utilize your digital footprint to build a connection with your following while also building your personal brand as well.

How does it work?

Fill out the form here to apply for the program. Those who are chosen will be contacted via email to get started.

If you are successful, you will receive a unique discount code. This code is how we will track sales that you create in order to allocate your compensation. You will get 3% of every sale off of your discount code. All affiliates will receive payment via PayPal on the first day of every month. 

What are the benefits?

Utilize your love for the beautiful game to make a side income without any cost to you! As more people use your discount code, you will be eligible for benefits not only for yourself, but for your followers as well!

Tiered Benefits

Tier 1 (reach goal of 5 sales): giveaway on your social media page(s)!

Tier 2 (reach goal of 10 sales): get a free mystery box for yourself!

Tier 3 (reach goal of 20 sales): get a $50 Amazon gift card!

*benefits will be updated as time passes and all affiliates will be updated on these changes.